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What is software quality? Depends who is asking

Posted in Patterns and Practices, Software Architecture by Adrian Tosca on 2011, January 3

Sometimes the software quality is an elusive subject. Defining quality is complex because a different perspective will, most of the time, give a whole new definition.

Take for example what the user perceives as quality attributes of a system. When thinking about the user perspective, usability is the first to come to mind. Most users just muddle through an application functions without taking time to learn it. If the user doesn’t figure out what to do he will just leave. If the user really needs to do a task, such as at work using a company system, he will be very angry if he cannot find its way through the system functions.

Another one of the first thing a user notices about an application is the performance. The performance is a show stopper if is not enough. On the other hand, trying to have extreme performance is not needed most of the time and can have a negative impact on other quality attributes. The availability of the system is also an important aspect from the user perspective. A system must be there when needed or is useless.

Security is also perceived as fundamental from the user point of view, especially in the recent years more and more emphasis is put on securing personal data.

On the other hand if looking from the developer perspective quality of a system looks a bit different. The developer will (or should ) think about maintainability as the system will more likely change in one form or the other as a result of new functions or corrections of the ones already implemented. Some components of the system might be reused if the proper thinking is applied and reusability can have a big impact on future implementations.

One of the latest trends in software development has been to use tests from the inception phases of the project. Techniques such as test driven development are applied with great success for a large class of problems. But to be effective the testability of the system must be build into the product from the begging not as an after thought.

From the business perspective the cost of building the system or the time to marked can be very important as these can decide if it is build at all. The projected life time of a system can be also important because a system needs to be operated and maintained, maybe for several years, and this will incur some king of operating costs. A new system will most likely not exists in isolation and certainly will not change over night what a company does, so integration with legacy systems might be an important aspect. Other important aspects for the business can also be thinks like roll-out time or robustness.

So, in conclusion, what is software quality? Well, it seems it depends who is asking!


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