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New Version of jQuery Dropdown Checkbox List Plugin

Posted in Software Development by Adrian Tosca on 2009, April 11

One of the users of the dropdown-check-list plugin added a patch containing an update to take into consideration the optgroup tags, part of the select HTML element. After playing around with it and adding a few modifications, I uploaded a new version to the codebase that has this feature:

Groups in dropdown-check-list plugin

Groups in dropdown-check-list plugin

The above image corresponds to the following html code:

    <select id="s6" multiple="multiple">
        <optgroup label="Letters">
            <option selected="selected">C</option>
        <optgroup label="Numbers">
            <option selected="selected">3</option>

The optgroup tags of the HTML select element marked with multiple attribute are inserted in the drop down container with their own css class ui-dropdownchecklist-group. The options that are part of an optgroup get a ui-dropdownchecklist-indent css class for custom indentation.

The new version can be downloaded from the google code project.

Hope to find this new feature usefull.

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