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Working hard versus working smart

Posted in Patterns and Practices by Adrian Tosca on 2009, July 11

Working hard on a project doesn’t always give the best productivity, there are actually more times when it doesn’t. Here are some of the approaches I’ve seen on projects:

Working hard

Work by starting hard

The code like hell approach may work for a small project, but on any project larger than a couple of month it will go wrong. After the initial time the fatigue will prevail and the end will not make anyone on the team happy even if the project eventually delivers it’s product.

Fuzzy start

Fuzzy start

There are times when the start of a project is not so clear, nobody knows what to do and there is a lot of fuzziness in the work that it is done.  When starting a big project it seems that there is so much time that  a lot of activities that are not very productive are allowed to take place. But after some time the schedule start to ring a bell and everyone is starting to work hard. In the end everybody is tired and the overall productivity is not very high.

Working smart

Work smart\

But there is a way, working smart means to work as hard as you can to keep a steady peace forever. The productivity may not be the highest when measured on small periods but overall is higher than with any other approach.

So try to work smart and you will do more than trying to work hard!


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